• Zero-tolerance for any deviation from safety norms is a policy that is like a core value for us at OCPL and we never compromise on this value of ours.
  • All employees including above all those at the work sites undergo training for safety measures to be taken; the focus is on safety awareness. The workers at the site are provided with PPE (personal protective equipment).
  • Impart training and retraining to all employees to create awareness and enable them to fulfil their Occupational Health and Safety obligation.
  • There is a continual communication of information on safety to employees at all levels reinforcing the perception of risk associated with various activities and operations.
  • All the contractors are made to sign the safety agreement for the various risks associated with their activities.
  • OCPL organizes events like Annual Mines safety fortnight program, Fire service week, National Electrical Safety Week, National Road Safety Month and World Environment Day etc. at appropriate intervals.
  • Appropriate resources shall be provided to meet our health and safety commitments.
  • Regular safety audits are carried out by the HOD’s, safety engineers and executives.
  • Use STOP work authority as an important tool to make the work place incident free.

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